Glen & Lucy Heighton

//Glen & Lucy Heighton

Glen & Lucy Heighton


I just wanted to take this opportunity to express our thanks and tell you how pleased we are with the Build. Of course our relationship started when you so kindly agreed to look at another property a year earlier in your own time, which we didn’t buy, but your willingness to offer early help and advice wasn’t forgotten and we were so glad that we were able to contract PMD to our eventual project.

Your concise and incredibly detailed approach from the tender stage made managing the project very easy, I’m still quite surprised that we were able to control the budget so effectively, and I think this is largely down to your meticulously detailing at the early stages. Not much more than a 6 month turnaround time on a project of this nature was also an incredibly achievement. Perhaps even more impressive is your continued support post build, the general snagging and one or two miner settling in alterations were dealt with quickly and efficiently, a level of service one doesn’t always expect but is so grateful to receive.

But more than just the speed and professionalism that you and your team showed I want to thank you for giving us a great experience of building our home. You have left us with a really high standard of craftsmanship which we are very proud of.

Thank you

Glen & Lucy Heighton
Greyfriars, Hutton Mount

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