“……something that money can’t buy – a great attitude. Nothing was too much trouble……..”

PMD builders have recently finished our new build bungalow and their work has been exemplary.

Paul Dyer and his team have provided a fantastic service. They are extremely conscientious and not only gave 100% to our project, their work was fast efficient, and paid attention to detail. Any unexpected issues that arose were swiftly sorted out by Paul. He gave us excellent advice and suggestions when it was needed, and we are very very happy with our new architect designed bungalow.  Also, I cannot write without mentioning his top man the other Paul, who along with his skill at everything he turned his hand to, has something that money can’t buy – a great attitude. Nothing was too much trouble.

Overall, we would thoroughly recommend PMD builders and the team.

Andrew & Jeanette, Chelmsford

“……has gone above and beyond to ensure that our project both finished on time and was completed to a very high standard.…..”

To Whom It May Concern

Our Architect recommended several Building Companies for us to contact for building work quotations, all of whom we met in person and later received detailed quotations.  Subsequently, we shortlisted 2 Companies and finally chose PMD because it was apparent to us that Paul is passionate about his building projects and treats each one as if it were his own home.  We visited several of his projects and we felt confident that Paul would deliver on ours.

The building work we required was almost a complete re-build and extension of a 4-bedroom house which we were advised would take approximately 10 months to complete so we needed a Company that we could trust with such a large job and to be able to complete within our timescale.  We were also very mindful about our budget and needed to ensure that we kept within our allocated funds for the work.

From our first meeting with Paul, we felt comfortable that we would be in safe hands.  His professionalism and commitment have been excellent.  Paul delivered on everything we asked for and has gone above and beyond to ensure that our project both finished on time and was completed to a very high standard.

The building work was started and finished during the 2 years that the covid pandemic existed which in itself created complexities for Paul and his team with regard to building supplies and increasing costs.  Paul managed this situation extremely well and ensured that we were kept fully informed at all times and kept to our agreed budget.

Tiffany has been a constant source of support throughout the building process by dealing with Utility Company issues, as well as handling all suppliers and resolving any potential issues.  Every fortnight Tiffany provided us with a very detailed invoice so it was always clear to us where we were with regard to the payments required under the contract.

Paul’s team of specialist tradesmen have all been excellent, very committed and made us feel comfortable on site at all times and were always happy to assist with our requests.

Overall, we couldn’t have wished for a smoother, more professional build and it has been a pleasure to work with Paul, Tiffany and the entire team throughout the process.  We couldn’t recommend PMD more highly.  We are more than happy to be contacted if anyone requires more information and would like to see the work that PMD has completed for us.

Jacqui & Rob, Hutton Mount

“……reliable, trustworthy construction company…..”

We selected PMD to partially knock down our existing house and re-build it, adding a double story side extension and single story extension to the rear. It was a huge, complex, 12 month project and Paul did everything he could to make it as painless as possible.

Whenever there was a change to the specs, Paul always gave us a price quickly to allow us to make informed decisions and stay on budget. His communication was outstanding and if something wasn’t right, he’d put it right.

Building your home is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, which requires trust and a good working relationship with the team in order to deliver a successful project. We’ve been so grateful to have had a beautiful home to spend our time in during the past year. I would certainly recommend PMD to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy construction company and would definitely use them again in the future.

Sharon, Billericay

“……the initial quote was very thorough. From that point to our last payment the cost transparency was excellent…..”

We had a really good experience using PMD for our major expansion / renovation project which expanded our chalet style property of around 170 sqm to a fully fledged two-story house over 300 sqm, including a complete rebuild and renovation of the original space.

Having not done a building project before our main worries were about the risk of costs spiralling unexpectedly, the project taking too long, or being left in the lurch with an unfinished or poorly finished build. We had no issues at all with Paul, Tiffany and the team.

We felt a good connection with Paul from the initial meetings and the initial quote was very thorough. From that point to our last payment the cost transparency was excellent. There were no nasty surprises beyond what was quoted, and the fortnightly invoicing and payment process provided generated trust, and helped us to manage our finances easily throughout the build.

When challenges cropped up during the build, as is always likely to occur, Paul was always proactive and hands-on involved in developing options to navigate the issues.

When timeframes got tight toward the end of the build Paul did an incredible job of mobilising and motivating all the required trades to work flat out to help meet our target deadline (we had family commitments for Christmas!).

Paul has also showed impeccable commitment to ensuring the quality of the finish was to our satisfaction. There were very few issues to address but due to Covid the opportunity to address them through the standard snagging process was delayed. Regardless of how much time passed, Paul was always proactive in staying in touch, keen to ensure that anything we wanted addressed got seen to.

Given our experience we’d feel confident using PMD again for a major project or recommending them to others. We’ve seen first-hand that Paul strives to ensure his customers are happy with his team’s work, and delivers his projects without any nasty financial surprises.

Tom & Sabrina, Hutton Mount

“……The quality of the finishes and attention to detail are superb and we are incredibly happy ..…..”

We went through an extensive process to appoint PMD for our project involving a complete rebuild of the existing internal structure and construction of a double storey extension.

From the start when we met Paul he reassured us with his professional and honest approach. He and his superb team went out of their way to produce a very high quality finish on what was a complex and difficult build over.

They were great to work with and helped in so many ways to accommodate changes and confront any issues that arose. The project felt like a team effort with everyone pulling in the same direction with the same objectives.

The quality of the finishes and attention to detail are superb and we are incredibly happy with the end result.

I would have no hesitation in recommending PMD and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Andrew & Jayne

“……passionate about delivering beautiful family homes…..”

PMD have just finished building us our stunning dream home. We’re so glad our architect recommended them. Impressively, they’ve managed to do it on time, yet so much nicer than what we’d ever imagined!

Paul is incredibly passionate about delivering beautiful family homes, but he’s backed by a brilliant team who have made the process surprisingly enjoyable.

They have managed to keep the momentum going so smoothly that the whole journey has been exciting, rather than stressful. Their planning and communication has been great – we’ve had plenty of notice about decisions they would need from us, and by when. They have guided us throughout, but also been very respectful and patient when we’ve changed our mind on occasion.

We highly recommend PMD to anyone looking to build an exceptional family home. Their attention to small details sets them apart from what you’d expect any builder to deliver.

Mr & Mrs Khosla, Brentwood

“……We did not meet a member of his team who wasn’t polite, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient..…..”

Dear Paul, Darren & the PMD team

Thank you for transforming our very old and tired 1920’s 4 bedroom house into the stunning 5 bedroom family home that it is today.

PMD’s quote was by far the most detailed and we always knew where we stood on costs throughout the job and unlike many other builders did not try to charge us extra for every tiny change.

We rebuilt our whole house, taking down more of the old structure than we had originally intended due to unforeseen structural issues.  Changes like this were approached calmly and knowledgeably and they came up with practical and cost effective solutions. Darren our foreman was able to translate the architect drawings into reality.  He was also a talented carpenter and came up with some innovative ideas during the build.

We cannot speak highly enough of Paul and his team.  We did not meet a member of his team who wasn’t polite, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  Paul talked us through the process at every step of the way and came to us with issues only when he already had 2 possible solutions.

The aftercare has also been excellent.  If we have had a problem I know that I can still text Paul and he will give advice and help.

Paul’s desire to do the best possible job for each and every client means we have confidently recommended PMD on many occasions to friends and neighbours.

Kind regards,

Stuart & Tamsin, Shenfield

“…….very collaborative and open…always on hand…”

When we undertook our building project we decided to choose PMD due to the enthusiasm and passion Paul showed towards his work.

Paul was very collaborative and open during the process and was always on hand to discuss new ideas from both sides and potential changes.

The team at PMD were always polite, professional and available to us. Tiffany who works in the background but is a huge part of PMD was always contactable and helpful with every aspect of the build.

Paul is passionate and cares about his work and clients. Even after the project has finished Paul is always at the end of the phone if we need him.

The overall experience of working with PMD has been a pleasure and they have transformed our house into a magnificent family home. We would be happy to recommend Paul and the rest of the PMD team.

Mr & Mrs Watson, Shenfield